Iris Gold, Doctor of Oriental Medicine,
Acupuncturist, Professional Health Coach

My life is devoted to working with life energy – observing, nurturing, and directing the Qi, or life force, towards harmony and balance.

My Purpose:
To assist others in creating and maintaining optimal health, vitality, and a pain free life through natural medicine.

Caring for the Earth, and deep caring for my family, my patients, and my community is at the core of my life and my work.

My Vision:
My approach to healing is eclectic. It is truly a blend of the learned and the intuition. I study modern research in naturopathic and nutritional medicine, and synthesize that with a way of being and treating that comes from ancient Oriental wisdoms.

I pride myself on my comprehensive clinical competence, a sincere but down to earth attitude, and deep listening with an open heart.

My Unique Skills:
Throughout my 30 years of clinical practice in Marin County, CA, I have loved specializing in the treatment all forms of Gynecological issues.

I guide women gracefully through the roller coaster of hormonal transitions, and my clients have easier passages through perimenopause, menopause, pregnancy, and fertility.

I derive great satisfaction in assisting men and women in their journey back to their healthy ideal weight, and supporting them to maintain it.

Drawing upon a wide variety of nutritional supplements, and lifestyle coaching, I offer natural alternatives to prescription medications for hypertension, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal disturbances, and disorders of the spirit, such as anxiety, depression and insomnia.

I connect with each person’s unique concerns, enabling me to design personalized coaching programs that empower my clients with they skills they need to take control of their health.

My Background:
My original training was as a microbiologist, and I was planning on going to allopathic medical school. Instead, after a six month trip to Asia in the early 70’s, I began to study yoga and meditation, and my life took a right turn. I returned to attend three years of naturopathic medical school before going on to Acupuncture school. I was licensed as an Acupuncturist in 1983, and received my doctorate in Oriental Medicine in China in 1989. I have recently been trained as a professional health coach I have been a sought after lecturer at Acupuncture conferences, and have been a guest expert at spas and cruises internationally.

In addition to my private practice, presently I volunteer at a clinic in the mission district of San Francisco, providing free treatments to low-income women with cancer. My volunteer work also includes being a community leader in the Pachamama Alliance, an organization dedicated to creating a sustainable, just and thriving world for all beings.

I have two grown daughters, and aside from my work, I dedicate myself to environmental activism, gardening and grandparenting.