What is a Professional Health Coach,
and who needs one anyway?

LiveWell consulting and coaching is a one on one program to assist you in reducing  your risks of chronic disease, and live healthfully with energy, ease and vitality.

You probably know that people hire coaches to help them perform better in sports,  teach them a skill, or be more successful in business. But who thinks about working with a coach on their health?

  • Are you needing to lose weight, lower your cholesterol, control your blood pressure, or change your eating habits to prevent serious illness but you don’t know how?
  • Do you want to be more fit, feel less stressed, or follow through on a goal you’ve set to feel and look better, but you slide back into your old habits?
  • Have you ever been told by your doctor to make a lifestyle change to reduce your health risks but you just can’t stick to it on your own?

You may have family history of disease, but that pattern is not your inevitable future. I will help you avoid the diseases your parents had!

A coach is someone who is there to help you make change permanent, and achieve your best. You  have someone in your corner.

Why work with me as your personal health consultant?
Diets are confusing, medications can be dangerous. You want to live a healthy, drug free life, but don’t know all you need to. As your personal coach, you get the benefit of my thirty five years clinical practice of natural medicine. We break down your goals into manageable steps, I track your progress, and help you to get beyond any obstacles you run into.

I am particularly happy to offer coaching and consulting into my healing work, because although my natural medicine practice is located in Marin County, California, coaching is done by telephone or skype. So I can help  you wherever  you are. This is especially satisfying for people who live in an area where there is not good access to natural medicine.

A typical coaching program runs a minimum of 3 months (9 sessions), although much can be gained from even 1 session.

Call 415 860 1155, or write to me at dr.iris.gold@gmail.com to set up a complimentary consult to learn more about my programs and see if coaching is right for you.