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You may be taking some nutritional supplements or vitamins, or think that you should be taking some. But how do you know that you are taking the right ones for you??  Which are the most important in todays busy and polluted world?

Ever find yourself staring at the shelves in the health food store and wondering which ones to take home? And how do you know that the brand you are using is reliable and actually does provide to you what the label says??  Unfortunately, a high percentage of nutritional supplements, when tested do not contain the nutrients in the amounts stated, or do not have the proper quality control.

Are you going to trust a store clerk to guide this important decision about your health?

You can rely on me to be sure you take the right supplements for you, based on your health issues. I will recommend  supplements from companies that I have prescribed from for many years and know their clinical effectiveness.

 You can have the benefit of my thirty years clinical experience.  I will choose supplements and herbs that I know are the most potent and reliable, the ones I prescribe in my private practice. These are only distributed through health care professionals, and not generally available in health food stores. 

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Here are some basic supplement recommendations that everyone can take daily:

  • A multivitamin/mineral   post menopausal women and men take without iron  Clinical Nutrients  from ITI
  • Vitamin D :1000 -5000 IU/day.    Vitamin D3 5000  Pure Encapsulations
  • Fish oils to provide omega 3 fatty acids and reduce inflammation     Pure Omega HP softgels  
  • Probiotic: for healthy digestion  Ther-biotic Complete by Klaire Labs
  •  Anti inflammatory herbal   Thercurmin HP  by ITI

Products to Prevent and Treat Colds and Flus:
Keep in your medicine chest:

  • Thymucin—  prevention during cold season
  • EHB —  anti viral herbal
  • Viraclear— anti viral; shortens the duration of upper respiratory infections.
  • Clear Air— during colds, treats coughs
  • Cold Away—-great at first sign of a cold
  • Clear Phlegm — treats coughs with phlegm and dries up the dampness.

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