Do you need help getting back to your healthy ideal weight?  Tired of fighting the Battle of the Bulge?

Despite everyone’s best intentions we Americans are getting heavier and heavier by the decade. If you have tried other weight loss programs and have failed, Slimmer Solutions has  personalized options for you based on your weight and medical history.

Marin HCG program:  Medically supervised at my office in Mill Valley, CA. This program combines Dr Simeons original HCG injection protocol with the added support of Acupuncture treatment and professional  guidance. This is the quickest and most effective program I’ve seen to lose fat, pounds and inches.

You can say bye to that belly fat, and love looking in the mirror again, as you literally see your body re-sculpt day by day.

For more info on this program contact  or  1 415 381 3838.

If the HCG program is not right for your needs, a customized  coaching program with one on one support and small groups is available to design your eating plan, track your progress, and support you in creating manageable goals.  Write to me here for further information, and to set up a no charge consult.

Testimonials for HCG:

“I have struggled with weight gain and a serious sugar addition for the past 8 years, after turning 50. Iris has been my most trusted health provider for the past 20 years, and I completely trust her judgement. Within a week of starting the Diet, I felt healthier, happier and more energetic than I have since turning 50!  Stored fat melted away, the pain in my knees and feet disappeared, and I unpacked favorite clothing that now fit again. My previously skeptical husband was so impressed that he decided to try the diet himself. We have lost over 25 pounds each, while learning a new healthy way to eat and maintain our weight. Now other family members have/are following our lead, with the same terrific results: detoxified systems, clear glowing skin, sparkling eyes, more energy, and the sheer enjoyment of success.”
~ AL

Dr. Gold,
I wanted to Thank You so much for your care, treatments, and guidance, thru the HCG diet. I am really grateful you and the diet were recommended to me and I followed thru with it.

The diet itself was so easy to be on, the HCG made it so I was comfortable and felt good the entire time, but most of all, experiencing such great results so fast was really motivating and inspirational. I can’t believe I’ve lost almost 50 pounds and look and feel great. So thank you again. This has also taught me a lot about myself and changed my relationship with food. My eating habits are so different now after the 2nd round and it feels so great. This program is so unique, healthy, and effective I feel like it is a miracle. Thank You so much for being there and so great,
~ LB